Fire Sprinkler Systems

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Protecting South African Families and Business with Fire Sprinkler Systems Installations

Fire sprinkler installations

As fire sprinkler installers in Johannesburg South Africa, it is the goal of Bizzy Fire Control Pty LTD to educate the public on the dangers of smoke inhalation and house fires.

Cost-Effective Fire Sprinkler Installations

Home and business fire sprinklers Installations are very affordable and more accessible with us. A fire can engulf a home or Business in as little as five minutes. Due to how quickly a fire can spread, especially in flashover situations, we recommend having a fire sprinkler system installed in order to protect your family and property.

Why Have a Fire Sprinkler Installed?

Having a fire sprinkler system installed has a number of value and fire protection benefits. Sprinkler systems are usually most effective when they are automatic suppression based.

Facts about Fire Sprinklers

- Recognized as the single most effective method of controlling fires -Chances of accidental discharge are remote. -Installation cost is about 1% of the building cost ( Same as cost of new carpeting in a structure). -Records show that no more then 2 people have died in a fire where there was sprinklers.

All our Fire sprinkler systems installations are ASIB,SABS,SAQCC accredited

Johannesburg Fire Water Tanks

Water tanks are used to supplement or provide a stable supply of water to installed fire sprinkler systems. Water tanks are used in buildings, structures or facilities that do not have an adequate supply of water or reliable supply of water resources. Flat steel panel bolted storage water tanks are very popular and affordable to install, service and maintain, they generally last for decades with minimal maintenance or repair.

History of Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinkler System Time Line:

Fire sprinkler installations

Components of a Sprinkler System

Fire sprinkler installations Johannesburg