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Fire Sprinkler System Design Cape Town, Johannesburg & Nelspruit

Are you looking for a well-designed fire sprinkler system for your building? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Fire Sprinkler System Johannesburg provides top-notch fire sprinkler system design services.

The single most crucial activity you can do to protect your building from fires is to install a fire sprinkler that is properly designed. Our team are trained in every area of fire sprinkler service. Our superior fire sprinkler design service will save your lives and your valuable possessions in the case of any fire emergencies.
Our fire sprinkler system design will be based on your needs and ASIB approved requirements. We are the most reliable and affordable fire sprinkler design service provider in South Africa. Give us a call at 011 024 3598 or 013 752 2199 or 021 023 0409 to schedule our services today!

Fire Sprinkler Design And Installation in Johannesburg & Cape Town

Having a properly designed fire sprinkler is the single most important thing you can do to keep your Johannesburg, Cape Town and Nelspruit, building safe from fires. At Bizzy Fire Control, our team of experienced fire sprinkler design experts utilizes the latest CAD technology to provide professional, accurate system drawings along with hydraulic calculations and stock lists. Our designers are trained in all areas of fire sprinkler service and understand the complex duties of installers, project managers, the fire department, insurance companies and fabrication shops. When you call Bizzy Fire Control, you can be sure your fire sprinkler system will meet all ASIB requirements.

Fire Sprinkler Design Basics

At Bizzy Fire Control, we know every building is different, not only in layout but in design density, hazard level, etc. That said, we take a very specific approach to our fire sprinkler design process so we can be sure your sprinkler system will provide you with maximum protection.

Determine the Hazard level in your building

The first step of our fire sprinkler design process is determining the hazard level of your building. This will give us an idea of the type of fire sprinkler you’ll need. We group buildings into five separate categories:

  • Light hazard
  • Ordinary hazard group 1
  • Ordinary hazard group 2
  • Extra hazard group 1
  • Extra hazard group 2

Factors involved in categorizing your building’s fire hazard level include the materials used in construction, the amount of people in the building, the types of materials stored inside and the processes performed inside, as well as things like ceiling heights, ease of egress and the number of individual floors and rooms.

Why Designed Fire Sprinkler System?

The design of your fire sprinkler truly has the ability to make the difference between your life and death. However, there are other significant advantages to installing a correctly designed fire sprinkler, such as:

Peace of mind: Properly designed modern day fire sprinklers installed by a professional will provide you with the sense of security you need.

Efficiency: Fire sprinklers that are well-designed will use water to extinguish flames in the most efficient way possible.

Configurability: Modern fire sprinklers can be set up in a variety of ways because they are made with the consumer in mind. This enables professionals to connect the fire sprinkler while taking into account the specific features of your building. Professionals can also install fire sprinklers in accordance with all the latest conditions and codes thanks to this design flexibility.

At Bizzy Fire Control, you will get all the above-mentioned benefits if you obtain our fire sprinkler system design service. Making your building a secure and comfortable space for everyone is something our design service can assist you with.

Keep your building safe from fire — Call Bizzy Fire Control Today!

If you need to install a new fire sprinkler system in your Cape Town , Johannesburg and Nelspruit building, contact Bizzy Fire Control today. Our skilled designers and project managers work directly with you to make sure your fire sprinkler system meets your exact needs. Don’t wait until disaster strikes before you start thinking about your building’s fire protection — call Bizzy Fire Control today at 011 024 3598 or 013 752 2199 or 021 023 0409