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Fire Sprinkler Repair Johannesburg & Cape Town

Fire Sprinkler Repair
Your Fire Sprinkler systems is the vital system of the fire protection system. You must keep the system operable all the time. We at Bizzy Fire Control are committed to repair and keep your system operable. Please give us a call to repair your fire sprinkler system and save lives.
Your fire sprinkler is the single most important component of your building’s fire protection system, and having an annual fire sprinkler inspection is the best thing you can do to keep it working properly. But what happens when a fire sprinkler inspection turns up a problem? At Bizzy Fire Control, we provide fire sprinkler repair for any problems your fire sprinkler may run into, big or small. Don’t let a damaged fire sprinkler destroy your business; the ASIB approved professionals at Bizzy Fire Control can ensure that your fire sprinkler system is in operating order and ready to protect you and your property.
If you need fire sprinkler repair in Cape Town , Johannesburg and Nelspruit, Bizzy Fire Control today at 011 024 3598 or 013 752 2199 or 021 023 0409!

Fire Sprinkler Repair Service In Cape Town ,Johannesburg & Nelspruit  

At Bizzy Fire Control, we service wet, dry, pre action, and deluge fire sprinkler systems. Our fire sprinkler repair services include, but are not limited to:

  • Above ground fire sprinkler repair
  • Underground fire line repair
  • Backflow preventer replacement
  • Valve repair and replacement
  • Fire hydrant repair and replacement
  • Fire sprinkler piping repair
  • Tamper switch repair and replacement
  • Flow switch repair and replacement
  • Fire pump repair and replacement
  • Fire pump controller repair and replacement
  • NFPA #25 inspection repair
  • Fire sprinkler head relocation or installation
  • Fire sprinkler head replacement
  • Recalled head replacement

We provide 24-hour service for all our customers residential, commercial, industrial, retail, offices,apartment and condos.

No matter what your fire sprinkler repair , call Bizzy Fire Control for the solution. Call us at 011 024 3598 or 013 752 2199 or 021 023 0409 or contact us online today!

Fire Sprinkler Repair Near Me

With over 20 years of experience in the fire protection industry, Bizzy Fire Control is one of the most reliable fire sprinkler and fire protection service companies in South Africa and we are able to provide complete fire safety services for your commercial building. For us, your safety comes first guaranteed. We take pride in our customer focused approach and will do everything it takes to make sure you, your family, your employees and your valuables are protected and your buildings are up to code.

We know how important it is to have fast, reliable fire safety service when you need it. That’s why we offer a 24-hour emergency service guarantee on all of our fire protection systems.