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Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Bizzy Fire Control provides complete Fire Sprinkler System inspection services. We will test the system, generate an inspection report, provide to the customer, and input the report to the compliance entity for your area. We will provide a proposal for any found deficiencies, and perform the repairs to bring your system back into compliance.
From the little things like spare sprinkler heads or fire alarm panel batteries to ground up installations. Bizzy Fire Control is your one source for fire protection and life safety. Contact us today and see how we can provide peace of mind on your next project.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections Checklist

Are you a business or property management company that needs to have your building’s fire protection systems inspected regularly to comply with ASIB requirements or insurance requirements? Bizzy Fire Control specializes in delivering peace of mind by performing the inspections, completing the necessary reports and filing them with the requisite parties. We’ll review our findings with you and go over any repairs or corrections that need to be made to ensure your system works as originally designed. We can also provide you no cost quotes to correct the deficiencies performed at a time that’s convenient for both you AND your business.
Regularly scheduled inspections are an integral part of your business operating without impairment due to non-compliance. Bizzy Fire Control will set you up on a regular inspection schedule to ensure inspections are performed, and the reports filed in a timely manner BEFORE the notices of non-compliance affect your bottom line. We’ll contact you prior to your next inspection being due and work with you to schedule our visit at a time that’s convenient.
And we won’t bill you weeks in advance because you need your money working for you.Now that’s peace of mind.

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Fire Sprinkler Inspections Companies

At Bizzy Fire Control, all of our fire sprinkler technicians are licensed by ASIB to perform fire sprinkler inspections. During a routine fire sprinkler inspection, your technician will perform a visual check to make sure:

  • Meter size matches plans

  • Shut-off valves control sprinkler riser
  • Underground piping matches plans
  • Bell activates properly
  • Static pressure at riser meets or exceeds calculations
  • Flow test works properly, no partially closed valves
  • Riser is properly strapped
  • Sprinkler heads match plans and are not painted or damaged
  • Sprinkler heads are not obstructed


Reasons to schedule Fire Sprinkler Inspection

In addition to routine monthly checkups, your fire sprinkler system should be inspected every time there is a change in your building’s environment. Your fire sprinkler system is designed to meet very specific conditions, and when those conditions change, it is to make sure the sprinkler will still be able to do its job. You should plan to have a professional fire sprinkler inspection if you have:

  • Changed or added a backflow preventer or water meter
  • Changed the occupancy or use of your building
  • Made any remodels to your building, such as adding walls, partitions, or additions
  • Experienced a change in water supplies (for water conservation or any other reasons)

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Near Me

If you need a monthly fire sprinkler inspection, if it is time for your annual test, or if you have made significant changes in your building, call Bizzy Fire Control today. Our certified, trained fire sprinkler systems experts can perform a full inspection and test of your fire sprinkler system to make sure that it is always operating at its optimum levels.
Don’t wait until a fire hits before you realize that your fire sprinkler system is faulty if your building is located in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Nelspruit, get in touch with Bizzy Fire Control today! To schedule a fire sprinkler inspection in Cape Town ,Johannesburg and Nelspruit , Call 011 024 3598 or 013 752 2199 or 021 023 0409!